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What is Yin Yoga?
Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of Yoga that incorporates principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It works deeply into the body with passive longer held poses which target the deeper tissues such as the ligaments, fascia and nourishes the joints.  Yin is a Mindfulness practice, allowing us to focus our awareness on the present moment and slow down in a relaxed way.

Benefits of a regular Yin Yoga practice:-
# Increases circulation and improves flexibility
# Calms and balances the mind and body
# Reduces stress and anxiety
# Encourages deeper relaxation

What is Sound Meditation?
The healing power of meditation is combined with the use of sound to cultivate and support deep relaxation.  Tibetan and Crystal bowls are played to create a gentle yet powerful experience in the body that clears the mind and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

The combination of Yin Yoga and Sound Meditation creates the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your body and to soothe your mind.

Yin Yoga and Soundbaths: Welcome


 For the Sessions at Thakeham Village Hall.

For the first hour I will guide you though some floor based movement in the form of Yin Yoga, a gentle practice that harmonises the flow of Qi (energy) using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and long held poses which stimulate acupressure points within the body.  Yin Yoga directs us to look inwards and can therefore activate our capacity for self-healing.  It calms and regulates our nervous system and relaxes and strengthens the whole body. In the second hour I will invite you to lie down and relax to the sound of Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls.  The benefits of Sound Meditation include reducing stress and anxiety and improvement of mood and sleep.

What to bring: Please bring a yoga mat, a blanket or 2, a bolster if you have one or a firm pillow.  You may also like to bring something extra to lie on the for Sound Meditation.  Please also bring some water.

What to wear: Wear loose comfortable clothing.  You may also want to bring some additional layers for the Sound Meditation.

For Sessions at Laybrook Farm

​All equipment and props are supplied.

To book or for any further information please either email me at:
or text/phone 07778063191

Spaces are limited.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing this experience with you.

Yin Yoga and Soundbaths: About
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